Nomad Part 1

Taki, Chef Chris Flint, Me

The opulence of times gone by is reimagined at Nomad Hollywood. The building used to be a bank, it came equipped with engraved tin sconces, marbled floors and the actual bank vault leading into the restrooms int he basement. It is a very beautiful remodel and even cleverer way to keep the original embellishments and charms intact. When you walk into the dining room, you feel transported to another era like the jazz age or the golden age of Hollywood. The palm leaves, the deep red, gilded accents and eclectic mismatching furniture create an artistic and relaxing dining environment. Giving you the feeling that if you scanned the dining room you’d see Greta Garbo languishing alone in a corner table or Laurent Bacall laughing at a friend’s joke whilst sipping her martini and delicately snacking on their famed seafood tower.

The Nomad Hollywood is helmed by Chef Chris Flint. Taki and I first got acquainted with Chef Chris through a friend of ours, Chad Koeplinger. Chef Chris, formally a chef at Eleven Madison Park, has made many a meal unforgettable and delectable for Taki and I. We have followed him from Eleven Madison Park to The Nomad Manhattan and to The Nomad Hollywood. And we will follow him to wherever his culinary journey takes him! A few of our favorites from the night were the truffle pizza, seafood tower (of course!), and my personal- the uni tacos!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for the Nomad blog post part 2… An interview with Chef Chris and his beautiful second half, Esther. What they cook at home, inspirations, their travels, their next tattoos and more….


leading to the vault…
The actual bank vault!!
The Golden Age of Hollywood
Truffle shavings

This guy!!

Thank you, Chef Chris!!

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