Chef’s Counter at Somni

First of all, I would like to thank, Chef Aitor Zabala and GM Eric Jeffay, for helping us organize a wonderful evening with old friends. Ever since Taki and I heard about the new project Chef Aitor was working on, we knew we were going to be heading to Los Angeles sometime in the near future.

The Chef’s Counter at Somni is an “immersive” dining experience. Their website sites Somni as meaning “dream” in Catalan. The experience lives up to its name, a cozy, deliciously delectable dream. True is their mission statement, Somni is an evolution in fine dining. The counter seats twelve guests with a view straight into the kitchen. You really do feel like you’re in a much-coveted seat at a chef’s table. Armed with enough chefs to make you feel as if you are dining one-on-one with your own personal chef, each course is timed perfectly and in unison with the whole counter.

The pure design of the dining experience is so well-thought out! The room is minimalist and spacious. You do not feel crowded or squeezed in from the other guests. We were a party of four, and it felt as if we were the only guests at the full counter. We never felt like we were dining with 8 strangers nor any personal space encroached upon. Counter might be the wrong word as the curve of the bar creates the feeling of a table within a counter… Innovation to private dining at its best.

With 24 courses, my head was spinning with delight towards the end, so it is hard for me to describe every dish. I was living in the moment! I did manage to take many photographs, but no notes. I was enjoying dining with old friends too much! So please enjoy viewing these culinary delights as is…

Thank you and enjoy!

Non-alcoholic wine!!
Old friends


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