Juniors Brooklyn

The original Juniors is in Brooklyn, NYC, and is a neighborhood institution. It is one of those legendary locales that lines its walls with historical business photos and autographed headshots of their celebrity clientele. Get there around 12 am on a weekend and you might just get to eat in the same room with a famous rapper or comedian. According to a friendly waiter, Juniors started out as a Jewish deli. The menu has expanded just as the neighborhood’s cultural landscape has evolved. Today, they offer an amazing array of dishes that reflect Brooklyn’s historical and cultural expansion. Some dishes on the menu that stand out for us are the potato latkes, the jerk chicken with coconut rice, the Ruben sandwich (or any of their deli sandwiches!), definitely their famous cheesecake (that they overnight anywhere!), and the many pickled sides they serve gratis! Breakfast is amazing there as they serve you a basket of pastries instead of the pickles at dinner, but the lunch/dinner menu is really where its at. If you ever find yourself in Brooklyn wondering where to eat, head to Juniors and the amazing friendly staff will put you in the food coma of your dreams!!

Breakfast earlier that week!
The pickled sides and breads
Potato Latkes
Jerk chicken and coconut rice
Double combo!!
The Cheesecake of cheesecakes!!

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