A Truly Luxurious New York Tradition

Eleven Madison Park

Every time my husband, Taki, and I travel to Manhattan we make time for a wonderful culinary treat. The restaurant we spoil ourselves is none other than world-renowned Eleven Madison Park. With 3 Michelin’s stars, this impeccable dining experience has made top restaurant lists time and time again over its 20 years of operation. From the exceptionally talented service staff, to the ambience of the beautiful high ceiling, and the tasteful Art Deco nuances, the atmosphere definitely competes with the actual tasting menu. We have never been disappointed with their consistent perfection of every dish that exceeds the next. Not only can I praise the creative brain of executive Chef Daniel Humm, the team he has amassed is a crew who can execute his creative genius such as former Chef de Cuisine, Chef Chris Flint. Chef Chris has since moved on to Nomad LA, another restaurant in the EMP restaurant group.

This year was no different. We went right before Christmas while visiting family for the holidays. One of the many reasons why I love going to EMP is the overall experience. For example, we prefer their Elder syrup and sparkling water instead of Champagne or wine pairings. I am allergic to alcohol and Taki just isn’t a drinker. They remember every time. Also, being that it is so close to Taki’s birthday, we got a tour of the kitchen and had a non-alcohol aperitif made for us at the chef’s table while getting a chance to witness a smoothly-run, well-oiled machine of a kitchen. What a special treat for us! It is that level of service that makes a dining experience seamless and somehow comforting. It exceeds expectations every time.

Impeccable service achieved, EMP wants the focus on the food. Subtle hints of takes on classics; playful and straight forward but not without culinary surprises and innovations. My favorite dish the other night was the duo of mushrooms steamed in broth inside a thin, crispy, dome-shaped pastry. Cutting the dome top, smothering it with creme fresh and shaved black truffle cut into “pizza” slices was simply umami paired with the slightly sweet broth and duo of mushrooms. Fireworks!!

Dome of all things delicious

Here are a few photos from the night… Enjoy and I hope this post helps to inspire anyone to get out there and start a new culinary tradition this month!!

Welcome gifts waiting for us…!! Each one contained a culinary delight- this was an expanded holiday treat, the last time we dined here there was one “surprise” box to start the meal. The pile of “gifts” added a festive touch to an already inventive and playful opener.
Bread and Butter
Caviar time- it was so good I forgot to take a photo till I was halfway through!
Potato Latkes
Halibut course
Steamed mushrooms in broth
Duck course
Venison course
Birthday wishes
Sweet potato pie
Birthday Boy!!
Hot apple cider in the kitchen
Dinner Service

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